Plant still life desert


Plant still life desertPlant Still life – Desert: this month’s topic for Urban Jungle Bloggers.

When I saw this month’s topic, I immediately had to think about my road trip with my bestie Meke. The last time I visited her in the USA, we drove from Kansas City to San Diego and passed the Grand Canyon, the desert and a lot of other beautiful landscapes.

Plant still life desertI still have some maps, postcards and souvenirs from that trip. I decided to use one of the maps for the photo shoot as a part of the background.

Plant still life desertThe Selaginella pilifera (Rose of Jericho) is a desert plant. When put in water it opens up, becomes green and starts growing, it is a miraculous plant. I have had it for many years now and it still amazes me.

Plant still life desertThe cacti and succulent can’t be left out in this still life and I added some rocks to fit the theme.

Plant still life desertAnother succulent from my collection that matches the pale light green colour of the map.

Plant still life desertRecently, my friend Meke send me a postcard when she went on another road trip. On this postcard she wrote about remembering our last trip together. I love those stamps by the way!

Plant still life desertThe vintage card on the left is a souvenir and the card on the right is the one my friend Meke send me.

Plant still life desertThis is a picture I took of the desert landscape that we passed during our road trip.

I love to travel and this trip was one of the highlights. Can’t wait to visit her again. Or go to some other country that we already picked to go travel together to in the future.

Loved styling this little still life for Urban Jungle Bloggers again!

 Plant still life desert

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  • annette weyand


    Wow! Wat een prachtig verhaal en super mooie foto’s!
    Compliments for you Helga de Waal!

    • Helga

      Wat lief! Dank je wel Annette! 🙂

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