One plant – 3 stylings


One plant- 3 stylingsThree stylings, one plant: this month’s topic for Urban Jungle Bloggers.

One plant- 3 stylingsFor this month’s theme I put a green glass bottle and a DIY mint painted bottle together with a  blue ornamented vase and my new Fittonia plant. I love the mint and clean look it has. Mint is my favorite color, actually mint with a touch of green.

One plant- 3 stylingsThen I went for a more boho kind of style. so I gathered my brown bottles, air plant and ficus with the Fittonia.

One plant- 3 stylingsLater on, I made a styling on the brown cabinet with some of the bottles and different plants.  The wood of the cabinet changes the look completely. A white underground makes it more modern.

One plant- 3 stylingsLast, I gathered some of my vintage pots and vases and changed the pot of the Fittonia plant for a more retro style. I really like the vase that looks like tree bark with the grass plant I picked from the garden.

One plant- 3 stylingsThese two curious kittens were joining me all the time while styling. Our cat had 4 kittens last month and they discovered the plants… but… they are so cute.. so I forgive them.

July is here, after the summer break there will be a new Urban Jungle Blogger topic!

Have a great summer!

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  • Igor


    What a beautiful styling, Helga!! I love the brown bottles – not to mention your top model cats:-)

    • Helga

      Thank you so much Igor!

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