Brown bottle collection

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Brown bottle collection

Some of my vintage brown bottles I want to show you, it is becoming quite a collection. I love to use them in my still lifes.

How did it start?

The first ones I got from my old work, a medicine company. They moved to another city and didn’t want to use the old bottles anymore so I was happy to take them home. After some time I found some smaller ones in the thrift store and last month I found a big collection of bottles in all sizes in an Antique barn that will be closing soon. They were stuck in the attic waiting for 30 years to be found by me!

Bottles in Still Lifes

I started to use the bottles in my photography still lifes a couple of years ago, I like the combination with plants and flowers. I always loved the botanical gardens and their apothecaries.

Brown bottle collection
I also got some new bottles from Kuishi Home that I use a lot. Like on the photo below.

Brown bottle collection

Brown bottle collection

These are most off the ones I have collected, I am thinking of selling some of them. What do you think? I will not use all of them and some of them are doubles.

Brown bottle collection

Exotic Basil Kit

These are the bottles I used for the Urban Leaf Kit with three kinds of exotic Basil, can’t wait until they are grown so I can try the different flavours. They have the perfect size for the inserts.

Urban Leaf wants to bring a healthier, more sustainable food system to the masses. They want to give people the joy and satisfaction of growing their own food in any space, even a tiny New York City apartment. So you can have your herbs and edible flowers at any time. I will show you the progress in another post!




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