Styling with plants and bottles in your home

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Styling with Kuishi bottles
As you may know, I like to mix plants, flowers and bottles together. Here is some styling I did in my home.

Styling with Kuishi bottles
I mix plants, vases and objects together,  small ones in the front, large in the back until I am happy with the composition.

Styling with Kuishi bottles
Here is my planty bar cart. I found it in a thrift store and painted it with varnish. I now use it to store my vases and bottles and make little still lifes.

Styling with Kuishi bottles
The bottles I used this time are from Kuishi, a wonderful home and lifestyle brand based in Cornwall, UK.

Founder Stephanie started this brand when she decided to make simple choices about the small things that made her feel good. By reducing the impact of her spending habits and the things she consumes have on the environment and people.

Styling with Kuishi bottles
Just mix and match your plants, flowers, vases and bottles and create a little display in your home.

Styling with Kuishi bottles
I really like this trigger bottle, also from Kuishi, that sprays a very fine mist, my plants love it.

Styling with Kuishi bottles
I get a lot of questions on my Instagram about my bottles and where to buy them. Kuishi provides beautiful products that will help you not only make a small difference to the environment but will improve the look and feel of your home and your lifestyle. They also have a nice collection of vintage bottles.


This post was made in collaboration with Kuishi

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