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P8160076This week I visited the beautiful home of Dutch designer and artist Trees Wempe.

P8160035P8160079The house has a warm atmosphere with antique and vintage details. The dining table (Gispen) fits beautifully with the chairs which are designed by Hein Salomonson.

P8160040Together with her sister, Trees used to own a shop in vintage tableware and ceramics. She has a beautiful collection of whites in her cabinet.

Untitled-1On the wall I spotted a painted robin, made by Vogelbon

P8160065-2The house is filled with design objects like this industrial lamp (Gispen).

P8160056The framed childhood paintings above the sofa in the living room are made by Trees her late husband Paul Reck. The lamp is a Danish design.

P8160051-4The window in the living room is covered with grape leafs which gives the room a warm and botanical feel. An eye catcher is the vintage sofa designed by Martin Visser. The wooden cabinet is a design by Henri Reck, the grandfather of Paul Reck.

P8160053-2P8160010The bedroom is painted in ocher and white, in the colors of the vintage hanging lamp by Poul Henningsen.

P8160033P8160030Trees loves to have fresh flowers in her house that she buys in a flower shop in her hometown. They always have special flowers that they don’t have in the regular shops, she says.


P8160001Next to her living area Trees has her atelier, where she makes her art, does her painting and makes sculptures from wood and driftwood.

5P8160005You can see more of the work of Trees at her website: www.treeswempe.nl


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