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The Urban Jungle Blogger theme for this summer is Tropicool.

New plants in the house! With the theme of Urban Jungle Bloggers in mind, I collected some new tropical flowering plants. They give a tropical vibe together with the banana plant and cacti.

It has been a while since my last post for Urban Jungle Bloggers. Instead of every month, the theme is now seasonal which is perfect but unfortunately I missed the Spring edition. So glad to join again this summer with Tropicool!

One of the plants I got is the Calathea Crocata Candela, also known as Eternal Flame. The flowers look like bright little orange flames rising up from the plant. The leaves have a beautiful dark green and purple colour.

Terracotta pots are my favourite, love the orange together with green leafy plants.

I also got this new tiny cactus last month, how to resist this little beauty?

I took my rotan chair from the garden to create an outside atmosphere in the house. First I made another styling setup with more of my plants, but I always seem to go back to less is more. I think it brings out the individual plants and makes them shine.

The pillow with green leaves is from H&M, the bench and sheep rug are from IKEA.

The little Bromelia Guzmania is just the opposite of the Calathea, light green leaves with a deep red flower. Love this color. I plan to repot it, so it can grow bigger.


Wishing you all a sunny and tropicool summer!

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Styling & Photography: Helga de Waal


  • Bobbi


    I just love that little cactus in the terra cotta pot! Oh, and the banana leaf print pillow is pure awesomeness! Thanks for the inspiration.

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