The colourful home of Elies


This time I want to show you around in the beautiful home of my friend graphic designer Elies van der Linden. She lives in The Hague in a little ground floor apartment. Her taste is colourful and minimal with natural elements.

The grey cabinet fits perfectly next to the mantlepiece. Behind the glass doors is a display of collected items, tableware and her collection of gardening books.

The eye catching botanical wallpaper in the livingroom is from Onszelf.

Elies owns a big garden not far from her home, where she grows vegetables, herbs, fruit and wild summer flowers. The pink and purple flowers on the mantelpiece are from this garden.

Elies owns 2 tuxedo cats, they look so much alike, I cannot keep them apart. One of them photobombed this picture, can you spot him? They followed me all around, curious as they are.

Although the house is small it doesn’t feel that way, it feels spacious and cosy. The colours are well balanced and I love the little corners with displayed flowers and objects. Tip: Use large furniture in a small room, like the cabinet and sofa in Elies her livingroom. This makes a room look bigger.

The yellow table lamp is from Leitmotiv, design Barefoot.

The bedroom

The bedroom is serene and has tints of brown and green combined with a beautiful floral vintage wallpaper. The window looks out into the garden. The lace curtains and old window frames give a romantic atmosphere to the room.


The Office

The office has an entrance to the garden. The purple wall makes it vibrant and inspiring. The office chair is a design by Charles & Ray Eames. This is where Elies does her work as a graphic designer. She also makes beautiful artwork.

On the wall some prints of her artwork

The floor in the hallway Elies bought some years ago via VT Wonen.

The Garden

Elies is very passionate about gardening. She has two gardens, the one behind her house and a big vegetable garden not far from her home. The book from Alys Fowler is one of her favorite gardening books. She can eat from the garden all summer and sometimes has too much and shares it with her friends. Lucky me!

The garden behind her house is wild and filled with flowers and herbs. Here she can sit and unwind with a cup of tea. The gardens always keep her busy but she loves to work in them.

Do you want to see more of the work of Elies? Check out her website or follow her on Instagram.


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