Plants & Flowers


This month’s edition of Urban Jungle Bloggers is Plants & Flowers.

I am happy to contribute again to this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers edition, Plants & Flowers.

I chose some natural coloured flowers for an autumn feeling, to find out later that they originally grow in a tropical climate. I saw these beautiful red flowers, they are light green when blooming, they actually look like little kangaroo paws when they are not open yet, so no surprise that they are named just that! I also found some orange Protea flowers, put them in two vintage vases and mixed them up with some of my cacti. Later on I placed the flowers on the mantelpiece with my other plants.

I wish you all a wonderful season!


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  • Igor


    Beautiful styling! I love the combination of plants, flowers/branches and vases!

    • Helga

      Thank you so much Igor! 🙂

  • M x K


    They are gorgeous Helga! We love cacti all year round

    M x K

    • Helga

      Thank you so much! MxK

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