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_DSC00283This months theme of Urban Jungle Bloggers is Plants & Art.

We moved this summer and for the new house I bought the SKOG poster from Fine Little Day at The Fine Store in the Hague, I had my eye on it for some time. I just love it, its like a little window. The plant next to the poster is a very old plant and has been with us for years, it moved around with us, was placed too cold, too hot or on a draft, but it still survived and we are thankful for that. Every time big new leafs are growing from the center again, still going strong!

plantart3 plantart4
The cat and the plant… they play with it a lot actually, to hide behind or jump at.

This painting is from my dear friend Niels Zuijdweg who is a great artist and makes the most beautiful watercolour paintings. This one he made during an afternoon in a friend’s garden near Salon-de-Provence.

I am happy with the rough textured vintage planter I found for this growing succulent.

This month Plants & Art theme is extra special as Urban Jungle Bloggers teamed up with the new interiors community at{mine} and Dutch art label My Deer Art. Check out their website for more info.

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  • Igor


    Beautiful stylings and images, Helga! Oh and I love that the plant has been with you for a long time and shares your life! I adore how peculiar she looks with her specific shape! Very beautiful!

    • Helga

      Thank you so much Igor! 🙂

  • Judith


    Love how your dear “old” plant grows in all these directions, like and equilibrist! How do you keep your cat from eating it though? I know mine love to nibble on leafy plants like these. I’d be afraid it would fall down/eaten by them. Any tips? Thank you for the beautiful photos, Helga!

    • Helga

      Ha ha, yes, I really love this old plant! We just shhh! the cats away so they didn’t do it all the time and the leafs just kept growing although damaged. Now they don’t jump at it so much, they lost interest but still in a wild mood it can happen! Plants like palms and papyrus never survived, they are their favourite. Thank you Judith!

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