Visiting the Botanical Garden Leiden

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Botanical Garden LeidenLast friday I visited the Botanical Garden in Leiden

Botanical Garden Leiden

Botanical Garden LeidenTogether with a friend I visited the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden. We went to art school together and thought it would be a great idea to practice our painting. First we went to the Victoria Greenhouse. What a beautiful place, there were huge butterflies flying around and amazing flowers and plants. We found a nice spot to paint over there.

Botanical Garden LeidenBotanical Garden LeidenBotanical Garden LeidenBotanical Garden Leiden

Botanical Garden LeidenAfter lunch we went outside to make another painting and we were lucky the sun just came out, because it had been cloudy all day. We sat outside in the sun and it felt as if we were in the south of France!

Botanical Garden LeidenBotanical Garden Leiden
Botanical Garden LeidenI still have to practice some more, still a bit rusty, but I really loved painting again, especially in this beautiful garden with great company.

Botanical Garden Leiden


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