Designkwartier 2015

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Green in The Fine Store,

Last weekend I visited the Designkwartier, a new festival in The Hague about slowdesign, food and lifestyle

Elke van den Berg Fine Store

Turina origami brooch,  The Fine Store

Type a (love) letter in front of Wauw

Pop-up shop theedoekenwinkel with collections of Mara SkujeniecesRaw ColorBo Reudler en Mae Engelgeer

I have been working almost continuously lately and I am still busy. Some of it is new webdesign work, but I also have to do some redesign for longtime customers. Too little time for instagram, facebook or my blog and a lot of ideas.

I was desperate for a break and very happy that my friend Anuschka asked me to join her to visit Designkwartier Den Haag, the first edition of a new festival that is all about slowdesign, food and lifestyle.

First of all I was very lucky to win the book “How They Work” while visiting the lecture of Studio Aandacht at the Museum voor Communicatie. It is the second edition of “How They Work” from Tatjana Quax and Inga Powilleit  about dutch designers and their work behind the scenes, it will be published in june, can’t wait!

After a drink outside in the sun at a café, we went to visit the rest of Designkwartier Den Haag. We saw a lot of inspiring designs, expositions and I loved the new shop in the Piet Heinstraat: The Fine Store. Very inspirational was WOTH (Week Only Treasure Hunt). A temporary warehouse with design, fingerfood and art, selected by Mary Hessing, head editor of the dutch magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur. The shop was situated in her house, a former milk factory in the centre of the Hague.

Really a unique event, and very glad I could visit. I made some pictures with my iPhone.


WOTH bij de ontwerpvloot


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